“Bioenergy Therapy” (BT) Became a popular subject in the last years thanks to internet and media. In the past it was believed that BT could be done by people who had supernatural powers. And this was causing imposters to cheat people and patients were suffering financially and  emotionally. The purpose of this article is to raise awarness about BT and zdenco domancic therapy method .

Human body is designed to heal itself. The logic of bioenergy healing is based on this principle. “Over” or “low” energy in the human body causes illnesses. BT aims to balance such deviations. For instance migraine headache is an example of “over” and normal headache is an example of “low” bioenergy potential. And these two types of headaches should be cured by different bioenergy healing methods. Of course first medical diagnosis should be done by professionals.

BT is a complementary method for modern medicine. And in cases that medicine cannot find a cure then BT can be the leading treatment method. In the second case we should be aware that BT has limits and we shouldn’t expect miracles. For example, healing a cancer patient at the last phase of illness doesn’t seem realistic. But it may help patient to have less pain during this period. Zdenco Domancic (ZD) treated 200 people with advanced stages of gangrene in Yugoslavia and this was documented by a goverment institue . After receiving bioenergy healing treatment, the patients were cured of gangrene and no extremities were amputated. ZD didn’t aim to be rich by the help of his healing method and he systematized it to train other people. This method is easy to learn and practice. It is an effective method. Generally according to ZD method:

  • 1. Everybody can be a bioenergy therapist. We mediate the universal energy. We don’t need to have supernatural powers to help people by using BT.
  • 2. As we are not the owner of universal energy, we cannot determine a price for our therapy. One therapy takes 4-5 session (days) and if the patient notices improvement then he/she makes a donation depending on his/her financial power.
  • 3. In order to prevent ourselves from illnesses we need to be careful about what we are thinking. Negative thoughts make people ill. If we had unfair situation in our lives and continuously thinking about it then we need to accept it and keep our thoughts away from this.



I especially like the “payment” approach of this method. Why do people should pay for a therapy if their illnesses are not cured? And everybody doesn’t have the same financial power. “Donation based on financial power” is fair way. And we are not the owners of universal energy. Therefore, I don’t think that this method can be used by “so-called” bioenergy therapists who are willing to be rich. I would advise you to learn the Zdenco Domancic method and help your family and friends. I need to remind you about an important point – you cannot practice this method on yourself. Someone should implement it on you.

According to the ZD method firstlywe ask the problem of the patient and get information as much as we can. If the patient has more than one illness, then we decide on the priority. We don’t accept patients with no medical diagnosis. And if the person doesn’t have any health problems we can practice bioenergy healing for boosting the immune system. In order to practice this therapy you don’t need see any bioenergy field; think of energy flow and make visualization in your mind. You just need to be present there and willing to help. You can even listen to music which will help your brain be in alpha state. The therapy consists of some procedures. We start it by balancing the aura. Then we do psychokinesis on the patient which helps us to understand general aura state. If the aura is not in good state we can bend the patient without touching him. This may sound unbelievable but it is possible to move people by pulling and pushing their aura. But this doesn’t mean that everyone does have the same sensitivity for psychokinesis. If the person has balanced aura and is healthy then psychokinesis may not work. We can disorder person’s aura in order to do psychokinesis but our aim is to help people, not to showcase.

During therapy patient generally feels the energy flow. Benefits can be felt even after the first therapy. One session takes about 8-15min depending on patients’ illnesses. After the 5th session, we give a 2 day break and if the patient wants to continue then we can do one more therapy. Energy which is given to the patient stays within the body around 14-21 days. It is not allowed to suggest patients to stop or change their medicine treatment and doctor. We are bioenergy therapists, not doctors. We don’t practice BT on people without medical diagnosis. It is not allowed to have emotional and sexual relation with the patient. Having therapy with more than one patient increases the success of treatment. (People in the room opens up their hands during treatment)

Turkish doctor Mehmet Öz (known as Dr.Oz) thinks that BT is the future of energy medicine: “I think the energy and the use of energy healing will be the biggest frontier in medicine in the next decade. And the reason for that is if you think about a cell what it finds in life at a level of cell is all about energy. Inside and outside being different that’s what defines life. We understand that if you put the cells together into the organ and aggregate the organs into a bop eye you should have energy. But because we can’t measure that medicine you can hesitate to think about tapping into it.”

In hospitals in western countries BT is accepted more and more. But in Turkey we have a long way to go. In order to prevent any misuse of BT I believe government approved BT certificates should be given to therapists. When extremely rationa doctors and regulators don’t accept the BT fact then this will cause abuses in the society driven by “fake bioenergy therapists”. The same situation applies in phytotherapy. Phytotherapy should be done by pharmacists, not by people who sell herbs.
As a result, BT uses universal energy and everyone who learns the appropriate methods can help other people. If you are willing to help people please get a proper BT training. And if you want to get some help from BT please find therapists who have certifiates. I wish you a healthy life!
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